Holy S**T, the countdown is on for your big day! Here are some tips to make your photos extra special!

There is so much going on the day of your wedding and little things can help make ok photos amazing. Of course you don’t need to remember everything below, I will gently guide you throughout the day. And of course feel free to ignore everything I say, it’s your day.

Getting ready

  1. I am not going to sugarcoat it, bridesmaids are messy, their stuff will be everywhere, shoes, bags, and knickers. If you are happy for all this to be in your photos then that’s great, otherwise please give them a dedicated space to get ready away from hair and make up.
  2. For the love of god please iron all the matching robes and pjs (fob this duty off to your bridesmaid)
  3. If you and your partner are exchanging gifts please wait till I get there to open them.
  4. Your makeup/hair will know to put you by the biggest window, but if not please remind them.
  5. Have all your bits you want photographed in one spot, so I dont have to go hunting for them. i.e shoes, hair piece, perfume and jewellery
  6. Have a space ready to put your dress on, the brightest room if possible. If this is the getting ready room, I will wait for everyone to leave and we can put the dress on. Decide who is putting your dress on and let them know before the day to avoid any awkwardness of choosing on the day.
  7. Your hair and make will start before I get there, I won’t start taking photos of you till you have your make up done and your hair is almost finished.
  8. Please ask your bridesmaids to stay in their getting ready clothes till I get there.
  9. Don’t overdo the alcohol, it’s a really long day and it may be hours till you eat again. Drunk bridal party are not cooperative and end up looking worse for wear.

The ceremony

  1. Wait till everyone has walked down the aisle before you walk down. Walk slow, there is no rush, or feel free to run if you wish, just give me a heads up. I would love everyone seated before you walk down, you don’t want anyone in the way. If a priest insists you follow them, walk slow and a few paces behind.
  2. Sometimes I will be restricted where I stand during a ceremony, unfortunately this can’t be helped. Churches can sometimes make me stand in one spot, again can’t be helped, and some photos may be missed.
  3. When it’s time to kiss, go slow, linger, and maybe even do a couple of kisses. It can easily be missed if you are too quick.
  4. When the ceremony is over and you start walking out, stop for a kiss midway, and also with the confetti, the guests love it.

The family photos

  1. These are always tricky, you will be surprised how many people need the toilet just before family photos. It may get stressful, but just let me know when you have had enough.
  2. Keep your list extremely short, you will get bored quickly.
  3. Please give someone your list, someone who knows who everyone is, I won’t be able to be in charge of the list. I will do a lot of individual photos in the morning and throughout the day of you and your mum, kids, dad etc, so we don’t need these for formal everybody look at me photos.

Your Couple photos

wroxeter hotel wedding photographer
  1. We will do these away from the group, prying eyes can make you uncomfortable.
  2. I won’t keep you for long, I know you want to get back to the party.
  3. I may take you out again for 5 minutes if I am there at sunset, the light is just gorgeous then.

Stay Together

After the ceremony, try to stay together as much as you can. It’s easy to get pulled into different directions, and thats fine. Those beautiful natural shots of you together won’t happen unless you are together.

Things that are out of my control

Telford Hotel and Golf Resort Wedding
  1. the weather obviously. What if it rains? then it rains, two choices, photos inside somewhere or amazing photos in the rain. Same goes with full sun weddings especially if getting married early, if there is no shade anywhere I cannot control harsh shadows on faces.
  2. Family members/guests not wanting photos. I can’t force anyone to have their photo taken.

Other bits…

There isn’t an awful lot for me to do from speeches till first dance, there are only so many photos of people having a drink I can take. I will take a small break during this time. I won’t go far, just come grab me if you need me.

This may all sound like so much to remember, but dont stress, so much happens naturally, and I will gently guide you without feeling forced. Also feel free to ignore everything I said, totally up to you.

See you soon.


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