How to prepare for your home newborn session

Yay, thank you for booking your home newborn session. Don’t get stressed, it’s a great experience. Here are some tips on How to prepare for your home newborn session.

How to prepare for your home newborn session

1. Choose your favourite spaces

No more than 2 or 3 spaces, and the ones with the best light. My favourite choices are the living room, the main bedroom and the baby nursery.

How to prepare for your home newborn session

2. Let’s get toasty!

Ensure the room where the photos will be taken is warm . Blast your heating on, it’s only for a couple of hours, and will make the session go much smoother. Keep all the doors to the rooms we are going to use until I get there to insure all the rooms are warm. This will keep the baby cozy and comfortable. You can use a space heater or adjust the thermostat accordingly. Please let me know if I need to bring a heater.

How to prepare for your home newborn session

3. Clear the space

I don’t expect you to tidy like a crazy a person, I suggest taking all the clutter and putting in a room we wont use. Clutter in photos looks messy, but of course this is up to you. I won’t edit out anything you don’t like. Keep the room simple. I am not bothered by hoovering or dusting, you wont see that in the photos so don’t stress about that. If you can have white/light bedding on your bed. If you don’t have any I will bring some with me.

How to prepare for your home newborn session

4. What to wear?

I will bring clothing for mum and baby, and any siblings, so dont stress about that. Dad can be in simple chinos or jeans with a nice cream/white/beige jumper or top/shirt. As fancy or as casual as you like. Keep your baby in loose easy to take off clothing. Don’t forget clean nails and toes. yYou dont need fancy nails, just clean non chipped polish ones.

5. Feed the baby

If possible try and fee baby on my arrival. I will spend some time looking around/setting up etc, so take your time feeding, we are in no rush.

6. Be flexible & Patient

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, but patience is key, doesn’t matter if your baby cries or poops, it’s real life. I will sit and play with the toddler or dog when we need a break, so please don’t stress.

7. Relax & Enjoy it

Its a beautiful experience, you will receive the most amazing photos you can treasure for ever!

By following these steps, you can help ensure a smooth and successful newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home. These are only guidlines, so pease dont stress if you can only do one thing, it will be fine I promise.

Can’t wait to see you


How to prepare for your home newborn session
How to prepare for your home newborn session

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