Quirky, arty, family-centric photographer who just loves babies.


I photograph awesome families who love hanging out together. I happen to live with a pretty awesome family of my own: my husband, our two girls, my Labrador and a few chickens.

As a South African married to a Welshman living in Shropshire (who spent a good chunk of time in Australia to boot), I know a thing or three about having far-flung loved ones. My family are scattered all over the place but keeping photos of them around the house makes them feel closer. I love what I do and really believe in the significance of photography.

I won’t give you some spiel about freezing time or capturing precious moments (yeuch!) but I will say this: they won’t be little and cute forever. One day they’ll be surly teenagers asking for money. Having a set of heart-smashingly pretty photos of them when they were small, smiley and lovely will be worth their weight in emotional gold.

Want to know a bit more about me? Guess which of the following is true…*

  • I drink copious amounts of tea
  • I love gardening (especially veggies)
  • My Labrador is called Milo
  • I’m slightly obsessed with Real Crime shows
  • I adore kids
  • My kids think I’m 21 and I’ve never corrected them (so sue me)
  • I have been known to eat my kids’ Halloween sweets and blame it on my husband

*They’re all true, pal.

My dream super power:
to be able to read minds
My spirt animal is a:

ⓐ Sloth

ⓑ Unicorn

◉ Penguin

Before I die I want to:

ⓐ Skydive

◉ Swim with Orcas

ⓒ Stay up past midnight

My favorite band:
Harry Styles (love the guy)
My dream vacation:

◉ Somewhere tropical

ⓑ Cityscape & skylines

ⓒ Deep in the mountains

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Newborn, Maternity & Family Photographer covering Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Chester and all surrounding areas.