Well, here we are. Everyone said life would change after the baby arrived and, whaddayaknow, they were absolutely right. You never knew you could operate on so little sleep. You never fully appreciated a life in which you weren’t ripped into consciousness by the piercing screams of your needy offspring at 4am. You never knew you could love something so disruptive so much.

But there it is. You do now.


Having a baby is a bewildering, exhausting, wonderful time. Looking down into the eyes of this tiny person you made for the first time is mental. If they could bottle that feeling, they’d make a fortune. The magic of those first few months is fleeting and intense, which is why a set of thoughtful, stunning portraits that document their first few months on the planet is such an awesome idea.



Once we’ve taken some awesome photographs of you and your bubba, it’s time to choose how you’re going to display them.

Below is a little guide to the products I offer. Have a browse through, circle anything you like, and remember that I can provide a range of sizes, colours and finishes to suit your home.


I throw in a FREE maternity photoshoot with 5 digital images when you book a newborn session (if it’s not too late!)


Whatever you fancy, we can make it happen. Pricing starts from £299.

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