Families FAQ

Around an hour. Any longer and babies (and dads) tend to get grumpy.
I get asked this one a lot. It's a good question, but try not to worry. My studio is a calming, relaxed space and full of beautiful toys and games to keep little ones happy. No matter how “spirited” your offspring is, I can get the best out of them. Promise.
I feel you. We all feel like that sometimes. I promise to make you look and feel fabulous in front of my camera. I only do natural, fuss-free photography that will take your breath away. You’ll look like you, but on a really, really good day.
*eye roll* If I can handle grumpy babies, I can handle grumpy men. Worry not, I’m well-practiced, and have a really good coffee machine!
Neutral colours work best for adults: whites, creams, beige, nudes.. A white maxi dress is a great choice. Please avoid grey and black. Jeans and a gorgeous blouse always works well. Please avoid stripes and patterns. Please make an effort and find something lovely to to wear. You are investing in these photos so why not treat yourself to something beautiful. Please DO NOT show up in matching jeans and white t-shirts, this is not the 80's 🙂 I also have plenty of beautiful outfits in the studio that are at your disposal. I tend to ask everyone to go bare foot (trust me, it makes for better photos) so don’t worry about wearing expensive shoes. There will be no close ups of your feet, don't worry. If you are a fan of fake tan that is totally fine, but it will cost extra if I need to edit any fake tan disaster. Also, if you are the only one in your family with a tan it will look a bit strange.
Sorry, she’ll have to sit this one out. Only the people who are in the photos should come to the photoshoot.
That’s not how I roll. Your viewing appointment is supposed to be fun. You can buy as many or as few products from me as you like. No pressure.
Of course. I offer lots of beautiful products and albums, but if that's not your thing then you get the digital-only option.
32 Beatrice Street Oswestry SY11 1QG There is plenty of free parking near the studio, within a few minutes walk. Please let me know if you would like a map with detailed parking options.