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how to bond with your newborn baby

Being a new parent is already an overwhelming experience, throw Covid-19 into the mix and it is now overwhelm on steriods! My heart goes out to new parents during Covid-19, isolation taking over and not having any help from grandparents and friends. Here are a few tips on how to bond with your newborn baby.

Making a connection doesn’t come naturally to some, and if it did for you then that is amazing!. If it hasn’t for you no need to panic, there are lots of fun and relaxing ways that can help you bond with your newborn baby.

1. Sing a song

There is that one song, that comes on the radio, that brings back the most amazing memories and puts a smile on your face. You know that one song that turns you into Whitney Houston (or in my case a dying cat)! Put that song on and sing it to your baby, so that every time you hear it, it will put a smile on your face. For me that song is Frankie Valley, You’re just too good to be true!

how to bond with your newborn baby

2. Do a little Dance

Let’s get your Beyonce on. If your favourite song is not a full on Shakira home video choose another song. Put it on, and shake that booty, you will feel amazing after. Yes your kids and husband will probably disown you but thats ok.

Here are my favourite dance crazy songs

Crazy in Love – Beyonce

Can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake

Dancing Queen – Abba

We found love – Rhianna

You can’t stop the beat – Hairspray

Footloose -Kenny Loggins

how to bond with your newborn baby

3. Take a bath together

Warm water and bubbles could be the cure to most things. I do love a good bubble bath. When my girls were little I would get in the bath and my husband would pass me the baby and we would have a lovely bath together. Get your partner or help to take the baby out when you are done as they become slippery little suckers

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4. Star gazing

We live in the country side so are very lucky with the beautiful clear sky of star we see when it’s not cloudy or raining. If you live somewhere it isn’t possible to star gaze get yourself some of those glow in the dark stars you stick on your ceiling, you and your little one can look at them every night before bed.

how to bond with your newborn baby

5. Baby Massage

A baby massage is a great way to have a quiet moment. There are loads of free videos on YouTube or you could find a local course close to you.

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6. Eye contact

not in a creepy way where no-one blinks, but when you are feeding, is a great time to make that connection.

how to bond with your newborn baby

7. Skin to skin

This helps baby relax and adapt to like outside the once very comfortable womb.

8. Lots of Kisses

Kiss them all over from the tops of their heads to their teeny tiny toes. Your baby will feel loved even if you still feeling the overwhelm of it all.

9. Pick a nickname

I called both of my girls Pumpkin, goodness knows why, but it did help. It is super cute and it felt like our little secret.

10. Carry your baby

I know, I know, apparently this spoils them, but does it really? There is seriously nothing wrong with it Mama! You will both feel secure, and if you wear one of those wrap thingy’s you can still put the washing in the machine!

So there you have it, some simple tips on How to bond with your Newborn baby. They are not complicated, and can easily be done everyday.

Don’t feel guilty if you are not bonding, maternal instincts don’t come naturally to everyone, they sure as hek didn’t for me.

Enjoy this wonderful journey, YOU GOT THIS!!

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