Baby Molly | Giving birth during Covid-19

giving birth during Covid-19

I had Molly on 7th May during lockdown and this is my experience…. 
I had my pre op on the 6th May in the women’s health ward where I had my covid 19 test and bloods done. Now the covid 19 test is a swab of your tonsil and up your nose, so the midwife hands me a lovely cardboard box to be sick in and the tickles my tonsils. I won’t lie this did make me gag not the nicest but the nose was by far the worst. You feel like the swab is poking out your eyeballs through your nose. The only blessing is that it’s over quickly and they get the results the same day. 
She then took my bloods, I’m not not great with needles, I closed my eyes and turned away like the big brave 31 year old I am!  I made it through and it actually didn’t hurt that much. Really impressed with myself I leave and go home where I irritated my husband all day moaning that my arm felt like someone had stamped on it and I couldn’t move it properly which was strange as she didn’t really hurt me.  Fast forward to after Molly is born and we work out she’s collapsed the vein in my arm which looks and feels horrific.
The next morning  my husband and I arrive at the hospital and make our way up to maternity thinking we would be moved somewhere else, as had been told previously we would be together in a clinic area.  Get to maternity to be told  I can come in but my husband has to wait in car as someone else is using neurophysiology clinic, this being the area where cesarean couples can stay together.  I get settled into the room by an absolutely lovely midwife, who explained  to me what was going to happen through out the day.  The anaesthetist visits and inserts the cannula into my hand, my lovely midwife stayed with me and helped me through this even though she didn’t have too.  Then she gets me a gown to change into, fits my sexy stockings and inserts a cathiter for me all the time never making me feel exposed or anything  she helped put me at so much ease knowing how shit scared I was of being on my own and the whole situation. 
Later on she advised I was the 2nd out 3 sections for the day and asked I call dave so he can get changed and wait in the corridor until we were ready.  My husband met me in the corridor on the way to theatre (looking very sexy in his blue scrubs and white wellies I must say!) at around 10am and we walked down together. 
Once in theatre my husband was seated in the corner and the anaesthetist and some other team members prepared me for surgery. All the time I was crying my eyes out as I was so nervous and they were so good with me, talking me through it all when they put the needle in my spine and everything else. The room filled with more people including my midwife and my husband was seated next to me, the anaesthetist pumps some drugs through my hand and then there’s a load of information is shouted and confirmed. I was tested to make sure I could feel nothing where I shouldn’t and they did this using cold spray to make sure everything fine before starting surgery.  I was then covered with iodine and then the special sheets went up. 
The Dr’s were fab through the surgery talking me through it all even though I was in a bit of a state of panic and shock but my husband  bless him was taking it all in. Then when Molly was out she was cleaned up and passed to my husband so he could hold her whilst I was stiched up.
Once everything was complete and everyone was happy we were wheeled to a room where I was looked after by 2 amazing scrub nurses who cleaned me up some more, changed my gown as they weren’t happy with it and took all my observations and Molly’s.  The midwife came in also and did some other checks, Molly had her vitamin k injection and then some wonderful person brought me a sandwich and a cup of coffee! My husband and I were really lucky we had a good 2 to 2.5 hours in that room as a family before I got transfered to the ward and he had to leave.

Once on the ward Molly and I were looked after so well by everyone constantly being checked on, the lovely lady who brought me drugs and coffee and got stuff out of my bag for me. I cannot say how fab everyone was, I was so worried I would feel lonely not having my husband with me but all the staff made the experience a pleasant one. Even when your having your dressings changed and your sat there pretty much stark bollock naked they made it feel normal.

This lovely and fantastic care carried on until the next day where I was discharged at 4pm and got to go home! 

What an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing. If you have a story you would like to share about giving birth during Covid-19 or would like to book a session, please get in touch here

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