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As a Barbie Newborn Photographer I was thrilled when Barbie and Ken brought their Newborn baby Matilda in for her Newborn Photoshoot at my Shropshire studio this week. It was so lovely to have baby cuddles, I have missed these during Quarantine. Don’t worry no Quarantine rules were broken during this photoshoot. Barbie had her Maternity photoshoot a few weeks ago, which was amazing. You can find her Maternity Photoshoot here.

How smoking hot does Ken look with all those tattoos? I am partial to a man with tattoos lol (too much information? probably) Yes he may be sporting quarantine hair, but I will forgive him. Trying to find Ken doll tattoos was not an easy feat lol, but good old Amazon came to the rescue. Did you know you can buy tattoos for dolls? Me neither till I googled it. You really can buy anything these days.

Little baby Matilda was bought from Ebay, because where else would you buy a Polymer clay baby made to fit into Barbie and Ken’s arms.

I made Barbie’s white linen dress. Turns out you can’t buy clothes for plus size Barbie, which is ridiculous, and I needed something white, so even more complications. Out game the hot glue gun, some fabric, and voila, an amazing post pregnancy linen dress for Barbie!.

I loved doing this shoot, it may seem a bit crazy, but quarentine has really brought out my creativity, so I really hope this has made you smile.

They have now gone back to their Barbie dream house where they will live happily ever after.

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Janine x

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