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Well Coronavirus has our children home full time, and you probably find ourself taking 100’s or no photos of your children. Here are some top tips for taking photos of your children.

  1. Do not ask your child to smile!

This is my number one tip, and is so important when it comes to taking photos of children. If your kids are anything like mine asking them to smile always results to me cringing or a very weird expression on their face. I never ask children to smile in any of my sessions, it never results to anything natural. Instead, I tell a joke, act like a crazy person or pull a funny face, this generally results in a natural smile or a “what the hell” look 🙂

top tips on taking photos of your children

2. Stay away from the sun

The sun is one of the biggest challenges for any photographer. The squinty eyes and the horrible shadows, are just some issues the sun can create. Stay away from midday sun, the best time to take photos is in the morning, late afternoon and sunset. Keep the sun behind your child, or near a window. If you have no choice to take photos at midday, move them to the shade, the light may be flat but still better than full sun.

top tips on taking photos of your children

3. How low can you go?

Getting down to your child’s level is a great angle for your photo. Getting level with their eyes is the way to go. Squat down, sit down, or even lie on the floor. Seeing the world from their height makes great photos. if you kids are taller than you, get them to sit down or stand on a step.

top tips on taking photos of your children

4. Get in the photo!

Remember, you are part of the family as well. 20 years from now, no one will know this if you don’t get in the photo. However self critical you are of yourself it’s important as a mum and dad to be in photos with your children and family.

5. Tell a story

Like every mum they want lots of photos of their kids faces, but if you want to create memories to look back on focus on the details as well. Take close up photos of things they are playing with food they are eating, and clothes they are wearing.

6. Print your photos.

What is the point of taking all these photos if you don’t print them. Does anyone even know how to use iCloud to find them later? I print everything, and I love making albums, my kids love going to the photo box and looking at our lives.

Here is a printing company that is open to non photographers if need a recommendation where to print. www.dscolourlabs.co.uk

thank you for reading my top tips on taking better photos of your children.

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