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Newborn Baby Essentials

I love being a mum, and I especially love being a Newborn Photographer. There is a lot of pressure on new mums these days, from breastfeeding to buying all the newest and fanciest newborn baby essentials. But how much of all the fancy new buys do you actually need? How much stuff have you bought for your new baby that you never actually used?

One thing I didn’t realise when I had my babies, is how much money I would spend, there are so many things to buy and try, but in all honestly I probably didn’t need half of it. Yes, I loved received Amazon box after box ( I still do lol), and every new mum needs newborn baby essentials for you and your little one, so I just wanted to share some thoughts on what worked for me. (This is not an affiliate article, I receive no money from this blog, it’s just my options, and of course it’s your right of passage to buy whatever you want)

Ten Newborn Essentials I recommend

Lots of baby vests/onesies

You will need loads, your baby will poop A LOT, and sometimes the poop goes all the way up their back. Newborn poo is very yellow/mustard colour, often referred to as Korma lol. It is not easy getting those stains out let me tell you, so if you can buy a few more vests than you think you might need.

Newborn Baby Essentials


I am a big fan of swaddles, in my Newborn Photography sessions and in real life. New babies love to be swaddled (some don’t). They can also be used for bibs or burps cloths when feeding baby

Newborn Baby Essentials

Nursing Bra’s

Comfortable nursing and easing nursing bra’s are a must, you never know where and when you need to whip it out.

Newborn Baby Essentials

Sucky Baby nose thing

Yes, that’s what I called it. I know there are a lot of mums who don’t mind sucking snot out of babies noses themselves, but it turns out I am not that person, and hats off to you if you are. You can now buy a sucky baby nose thing that does it just for you, for baby has a cold.

Sound Machine

I use this in every Newborn Session. The one I use can be found here on Amazon. It’s probably a bit controversial, but I do love, and the sounds it comes with are oh so dreamy.

Baby Carrier

There are hundreds and hundreds of Baby carriers to choose from. Sling ones, Wrap ones, carrier all in ones, ones that make you coffee (ok, not really) It all depends on what floats your boat. They are especially useful when you need your hands free and have other jobs today and baby does not want to be put down (that wonderful witching hour)

Bigger size Nappies

Your first instinct will to buy bags and bags of newborn size nappies, and that’s not a problem, but you little one grows quickly soon moving to the next size up, so no harm in being prepared with bigger sizes right? (double bonus if they are reusable or biodegrable)


Research show skin to skin contact improves baby’s ability to regulate body temperature, and helps your little one feel safe. This one is my favourite!

Hope that helps anyone. If you have anymore essentials you couldn’t do without please let me know.

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