Best Newborn gifts

So everyone keeps asking you what can they buy your new baby? There are so many things to buy, and is your baby really going to need it? No probably not. I have come up with the best Newborn Gifts I think your little one will love.

Personalised Puzzles

My daughter received one of these when she was born, and absolutely loved it. She is now ten and she still has it on her shelf in her bedroom. They come personalised to match the nursery.

Best Newborn Gifts


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Every parent dreams their baby will become attached to some beautiful blanket, soft toy or comforter, but this isn’t always the case, sometimes it is some hideous toy you have tried to hide several times but they always find it, and when you wash it they get really upset because it doesn’t look the same. If you are looking for a beautiful soft toy that is made of amazing fabric look no further.

Little Homes UK

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SSSSHHHHHH – A Baby Shusher

I wish I had this holy grail device when my two were little. I bought this last year and now use it in all my newborn sessions, the white noise is so dreamy!

Best Newborn Gifts



I bet you are dreaming about a night time routine where you get to read your new baby your favourite book. Take a look at these adorable books to read your baby.

Muslin Squares/Wraps

They come in every shape and colour these days. They are also super practical, from swaddling baby to wiping up vomit on your shirt.


(not my photos)

Letters to my baby

I think this one is self explanatory! How cute are these? The tears are already welling up in my eyes imaging your newborn opening these letters when they are older.

Best Newborn Gifts


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Baby Milestone Cards

There are so many of these on the market, but the wooden ones are just beautiful.

Fira Studio

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Soft Toy

Every little person needs a soft toy of some sort. I love these especially knowing they are going through a really hard time with all the bushfires in Australia. Give it extra snuggles if you buy one.

The Gift Experience

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Gift Certificate from Janine Speake Photography

Of course I saved the best newborn gift for last. A gift from me of course. You can buy as little or as much as you want. Is there a better gift to have these amazing memories?

Best Newborn Gifts
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