Ideas for your babies Ultrasound

Ever wondered about what to do with your babies Ultrasound? Here are some cute ideas of your babies Ultrasound, along with some ways to preserve them. Those flimsy little bits of paper need looking after.

Ideas for your babies Ultrasound

Cute Idea No.1 : Heartbeat necklace

It’s as amazing as it sounds, your little ones heartbeat made into a necklace. A similar one can be found here

Ideas for your babies Ultrasound

Cute Idea No.2: Cufflinks of your babies Ultrasound

Gosh these are so super cute and I perfect gift for Father’s Day or Grandads at Christmas. You can find them here.

Ideas for your babies Ultrasound

Cute Ideas No.3. The adorable Christmas hanging ornament

Obviously this is best if your baby has not been born before Christmas, these super cute ultrasound ornaments can be found here

Cute Idea No.4: The obvious frame

This sounds obvious, but not everyone frames them, keeping your ultrasound behind glass or plastic keeps it in amazing condition. You can even get these frames with a little countdown, so cute1

How to look after your Ultrasound

Let’s face it, the ultrasound tech has not given you an award winner paper print with your ultrasound printed on it, it is flimsy paper that won’t stand the test of time, especially If you have a toddler. Besides the above, here are some ways to preserve your photo. 1. Keep little fingerprints off. 2. Take a photo of the scan and save it to several hard drives. 3. Laminate 4. Keep away from heat and light.

I hope you find some way to store your beautiful ultrasound keepsake, My mum never had one with me, and that’s probably because I am old.

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