Shrewsbury Baby Photographer – Photographing older babies

If you are looking for a baby photographer in Shrewsbury you have come to the right place.

If any photographer tells you, you cant get beautiful photos of older babies, please give them my number 🙂 Little Daisy was 11 weeks old for this shoot, and doesn’t she look just like a newborn?

There has been an influx in older babies, due to Covid, and so of course we couldn’t do the newborn shoots with all non essential businesses having to close (yes me) As sad as that it, the older babies have been a dream. Getting both awake and sleepy photos, and of course those gorgeous first smiles.

There are a few things I recommend you do before photographing your older baby

1. Try and keep them awake longer

Older babies have more awake time, so if you want them to have sleepy photos at their shoot, trying to keep them awake a bit longer is always helpful. You could try a bath, extending playtime, or even singing (unless you are tone death like I am). Of course these are only guidelines, and not always achievalbe.

2. Be patient

Having an older newborn requires a bit more patience at your shoot, so please dont stress if they are taking longer to go to sleep, there is no rush, and there is plenty of coffee, tee and snacks.

3 . Lower your expectations for your baby photographer

Having missed our on your newborn photos can be upsetting to some, and you may be really eager to recreate this at your older babies shoot. I will try my best 100% to get the images you want but this may not be possible and you need to know that.

No matter how old your baby is, I will still get beautiful photos of them, I pinky promise!

if you would like to find out more or book a session with me, please message me here

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