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Well, here we are. Everyone said life would change after the baby arrived and, whaddayaknow, they were absolutely right. You never knew you could operate on so little sleep. You never fully appreciated a life in which you weren’t ripped into consciousness by the piercing screams of your needy offspring at 4am. You never knew you could love something so disruptive so much.

But there it is. You do now.


Having a baby is a bewildering, exhausting, wonderful time. Looking down into the eyes of this tiny person you made for the first time is mental. If they could bottle that feeling, they’d make a fortune. The magic of those first few months is fleeting and intense, which is why a set of thoughtful, stunning portraits that document their first few months on the planet is such an awesome idea.

"Janine is the Baby Whisperer, she was so amazing with our 8 day old baby. I was so worried about letting someone else hold her, but I had nothing to worry about. Janine is so experienced and calm, and my new baby was in safe arms. Don't get me started on how incredible the photos are, we are in love with every one." Justine Lowe

I try not to move baby too much during these shoots. Newborns do their own thing and – even though it might seem like they’re not doing much at this age – each of their little gestures and expressions is pure poetry. Newborns give a surprising amount during shoots.


Your baby is in the safest possible hands with me. I’ve had babies myself and am very, very gentle with them. If you’d like to be in the shots, that’s even better. Don’t know about you, but having babies left me feeling all sorts of things: exhilarated, exhausted, spent, afraid, powerful, overwhelmed, deliriously happy. It’s a beautiful time in your life and having some gorgeously shot portraits of you at this milestone time in your life is something you’ll love to look back on.


This is the very first chapter. It might not be a book you’ve read before, but trust me, it’s definitely a thriller.

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