Maternity Photos | 10 reasons why you should have them!

I must admit, I regret not having maternity photos done, but like a lot of pregnant woman I was feeling like a big fat slob who felt sick every time someone said the word chicken (shudder). I want to write this as I know how mums feel about their bodies while pregnant. Even if you are a size 8 with killer legs, you are bound to get swollen canckles at some point, and that ever changing blossoming body can be disheartening to some. That’s where I come in, its my job to make you feel incredible, and pose you in a way that’s not only flattering, but a side of you that you will love. Bonus. Let’s get those maternity photos booked in.

If that’s not enough reason, here are 10 more.

1. You are bloody beautiful!

Yes yes, you feel like a big whale, and you can’t imagine having to pose for the crazy lady who thinks you are beautiful. You are tired, nauseous, sore, and don’t get me started on the haemorrhoids. All your feelings are on the inside, but to the rest of world, you are beautiful with an amazing little human growing inside your belly.

2. Your big beautiful belly!

Lets show that round belly off. I will take some beautiful photos of your belly, that won’t make you feel gross.

3. Memories

This may be your last baby (sad face), so let’s document this incredible time, once that bump is gone, it’s gone. Unless you really like beer, then you can keep your belly 🙂

4. It’s oh so much fun!

If you speak to anyone that has had a session with me, it’s so much fun. I will put you at ease, without making you feel awkward, and we generally just chat our way through the session. We end up chatting so much you don’t realise how fast the time goes.

5. Bonding with your partner (in a non cringe way)

There won’t be any kneeling partners kissing your belly (unless that’s what you want). I include the partner in some of your images, in a really relaxed way so it feels natural to all, and you don’t want to die from cringe.

6. Siblings love it.

Siblings and bumps… is there anything cuter? I love older siblings talking and singing to the growing bump, they make the best photos. If this is your first pregnancy, skip this point, alternatively we can pinch the neighbours 4 year old if you wish.

7. Professional maternity photos are the bomb.

Whatever you do, don’t stop taking photos at home, document every moment. Professional photos are different, I will create photos that look at the best flattering angles and light, it totally transforms the image. Your partner may be super awesome at taking photos, so skip all the steps if that’s the case. In fact, give him my number, I need an assitant.

8. Maternity photos are not expensive…. in fact it’s free!

Your eyes are not deceiving you! My maternity photography sessions are complimentary with all newborn sessions that are booked, and you get 5 gorgeous images to go with it. Great, right?

this is a big fat lie, until you are not pregnant anymore. When you are pregnant, its the longest time of your life, and you think how can you get any bigger. When baby is out, it’s gone…… a distant memory (cue the guilt music) I regret it, I hope you don’t as well.

10. I am super awesome.

Anyone who has had maternity photos or any other photoshoot with me, will vouch for me, I am super awesome at what I do, and you wont regret the 1 hour of me making a fuss over you.

Get booking ….. you wont’ regret it.

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Some more images from the session….

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