How should I dress for a family photoshoot?

A number one question I always get when we are planning an outdoor photos is, “How should I dress for a family photoshoot?” The thought might make you hyperventilate, but here are some top tips that make it easy peasy!

1. Get organised for your photoshoot.

It’s stressful trying to plan everyone’s outfit, so planning in advance is a must, especially if you are ordering new outfits. It’s also a great idea to have a few different options. I find laying everybody’s outfit on the bed and seeing how they all look together.

2. Coordinate, not matchy matchy.

You can all look amazing without everyone looking exactly the same. Keep it earthy and neutral, thats the easiest colour scheme to coordinate. White, beige, and earthy colours will make your photoshoot gorgeous and dreamy. I have a selection of outfits for little girls and mums in my client wardrobe, please let me know if you wish to use any.

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3. Have a look at your home decor.

Your endgame is probably to have a framed family photo on your wall after your photoshoot. Choosing colours that match your home decor will blend them in effortlessly.

4. Location, Location, Location

No, I am not talking about Phil & Kirstie. I am talking about where you are going to have your amazing family photoshoot. A beach? then long and flowy dresses are amazing. A forest, jeans and boots, and long cardigans? Think about your location when planing. There are some amazing locations around Shropshire for your family photoshoot.

Wheat field pregnancy reveal photoshoot

5. Check your seasoning.

Seasons are associated with different colours, so having a long flowing white maxi dress may not work in minus 4 degree weather.

6. Practically is a must.

I once did a photoshoot where the mum had a pair of stilettos on. We had organised the photoshoot for a cobblestoned road. We ended up calling an ambulance. Say no more!

7. Add Texture.

I love texture, long cardigans, necklaces, straw hats and flowing scarfs. it makes such a difference. Some simple props go a long way as well.

8. No Peppa Pig onesies.

Please don’t.

9. Be Timeless

When in doubt, keep it simple. Jeans and a simple white blouse/shirt can be amazing.

10. Having your photoshoot at home?

Home shoots are wonderful, everyone already feels comfortable. Do you need to tidy your house? that is entirely up to you, but know that everything lying around will be in the photos. It does cost extra to edit out items you wish you had packed away.

11. Have Fun

Just have fun. It should be fun, and let your families personality shine through.

There you go, some great ideas to answer your question, “How should I dress for a family photoshoot” Enjoy!

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