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It only seems appropriate to compare buses to babies this week. I photographed my first set of twins last week then another set came along, right after. So how common are twins? not very in my studio, but I love them, double the trouble, and double the fun! I love celebrating your babies milestones, and sitting up all on their own is a definite high five!

10 month old twins – Olivia & Arianna

Could I tell them apart, NO! were they they cutest pair ever, YES! They are non-identical twins, but look almost identical.

10 months old is a great age. All babies grow at different rates, and reach milestones at different time. I do miss making those pureed carrots to have it stain my new pink top, and that rocking back and forth before they start crawling.

Here are some super cute photos from this twin photography session.

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How common are Twins?
How common are Twins?
How common are Twins?
How common are Twins?
How common are Twins?
How common are Twins?

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