Cake Smash Photography| Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask!

Trends in photography tend to come and go, a bit like those neon leg warmers you have hiding in the back of your wardrobe! The cake smash is steadily gaining as a ‘must do’ for your child’s first birthday. Do they really need more plastic crap? That is up to you, but a cake smash is definitely some beautiful memories.

Why is it that cake smash photography isn’t popular? Google’s keyword planner shows 40,000 average monthly searches for “newborn photography”, 15,000 for “maternity photography”, 5,000 for “birth photography” but only 1,900 for “cake smash photography”. The answer is simple, fear and doubt!

Fear – You are worried about the mess that is going to end up everywhere, including in your socks (true story), I do all the cleaning, so no need to worry.

Doubt – you highly doubt your little one will participate and waste everyone’s time.

Lets go over some details

The Cake

cake smash oswestry photographer

Baby safety is a must, and it is no different when it comes to the cake for your cake smash. I take on board any allergies and order accordingly. I only offer really simple naked cakes. Big fluffy colourful cakes are a bit overwhelming for your little one. They tend to get stuck in a bit more with the simple naked cake.

Will my baby dig in?

Remember you baby is only one, so the dream of having them dig in straight away is a reality that most don’t experience. It is all very new to them, and they are not performing seals. On that note, I gently encourage them to get stuck in, I offer a wooden spoon for them to bash the cake and this usually gets them started. I ask parents to sit on the floor with me and don’t make a big deal about what the baby is doing, and let them explore on their own. I will always get beautiful images no matter what.

cake smash

Will I just get cake photos at my Cake Smash?

NOPE! we start off with a mini portrait session, where your little is looking their cleanest and best before brining out the cake. In my studio I have wooden number one letters and beautiful white balloons for them to play with. When the cake part of the session is done I bring out the fancy baby victorian bath and they splash everything and anything in sight. I just let your baby play around capturing minimalist stylish images.

cake smash

Can I bring Granny, Aunty Mary and Uncle Jim Bob?

No, sorry! I have a very small studio, please only bring who you need to, and no more than two adults.

cake smash
cake smash
cake smash

Do I need to bring anything for my Cake Smash?

The only things I need you to bring are the following:

  1. Change of clothing for you and the baby
  2. A white towel to dry baby
  3. A plastic container to take home any left over cake . There usually isn’t any left over as your little one has mushed every last morsel into my floorboards, but thats ok.
cake smash oswestry

Can I have a photo with my baby?

Of course you can, in fact I encourage this during the portrait session and when drying off baby, as they are tired by the end of it and baby snuggles make the best photos.

baby first birthday photos
cake smash

To find out more about booking your little one in for a cake smash message me below.

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