Barbie Photographer : Barbies Maternity Photoshoot

Well I never imagined myself a Barbie Photographer, but lockdown brings some unusual creativity. I thought to myself, what can I do that will make people smile, and of course bam I thought of creating a maternity photoshoot for Barbie (as you do) I didn’t want it to be any Barbie, she had to be really flexible and not skinny, so I went for plus size yoga Barbie. Isn’t she gorgeous?

I made all her clothing and props, and this was harder than I imagined, trying to put all these tiny pieces together. I just used some scraps around the house and flowers from the garden for her flower crown. I ended up watching a YouTube tutorial on how to make Barbie clothes out of balloons, worked pretty well I think.

Her bump was the hardest, I experimented with a few possibilities but decided on the eggshell. Only because we have chickens and lots of eggs. Although the bloody egg kept breaking, so had to use loads (no eggs went to waste)

So there you are, the life of a Barbie Photographer . Next in the series will be Barbie’s newborn photoshoot!

I hope this has made you smile 🙂

If you would like me to photograph your Barbie you can message me here

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