Baby Phoebe

My name is Michaela I have a 6 week old little girl called Phoebe born 30/04/20 at 38 weeks. 
I was in and out of hospital for 2 weeks with reduced movements and pains. I stayed in the day before I gave birth as I was having bad pains thinking it was labour.Midwife came to see me the next day to tell me I was being induced so to phone my husband. It all happened so quick. I had my waters broken at 12 and Phoebe was born 17.40.
My husband was allowed with me to have my waters broken and until I was sent home as we were on the labour ward so didn’t need contact with any other patients. 
I was so worried about being in hospital due to the coronavirus. I didn’t want to catch it and I certainly didn’t want my unborn baby to catch it. That was my main concern.  The midwives throughout the hospital war masks constantly and made sure they constantly social distanced patients I couldn’t fault them they were great. They constantly changed gloves and aprons when in contact with you.
The scariest part of being pregnant during the pandemic was catching it and not having support not being able to attend appointments. Loads of things were running through my mind and I was very anxious but the support network was amazing and the midwives constantly stayed in touch to make sure all was ok. Made sure when I did attend appointments they had ppe on and I had a mask on.
I can’t thank the midwives in Oswestry and Telford enough for all there help and support during this horrible unprecedented time.They are doing a great job.

What an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing. If you have a story you would like to share about giving birth during Covid-19 or would like to book a session, please get in touch here

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