My Approach to Newborn Photography

Can I ask you something?

Does the thought of someone you don’t know handling your baby after you have given birth give you the heebie jeebies? This new person not knowing your new baby just the way you do. You are still healing, you have had no sleep, and possibly not showered in 3 days. No matter how you feel in that moment, I can guarantee you will be so incredibly grateful you came to my studio for your babies first photoshoot with me. I will capture every moment you will soon forgot, you will look at your images for years to come. My approach to newborn photograph is simple and relaxed.

I know you are feeling anxious about your shoot, and you have no idea what to expect. I have created an environment that all that comes with your tiny new human and I embrace it. I am fully trained in newborn safety and will treat your new baby with utmost of care.

Read below how I love to create the most beautiful images your little one.

Guided vs Posed

No family is the same, so I don’t photograph you in the same way. I try and be authentic as I can, and capture what I see in that moment. I may give you a nudge or guide you slightly, but your smile and babies pouty face is always genuine.

Just Chill!

The most important bit. I want you relaxed and calm and to enjoy every minute. Some mums have fallen asleep to the relaxing music and I always find this lovely. Just sit back, enjoy your cuppa and biscuit and let me do all the work.

The noisy big brother or sister

I really love having siblings in the studio with their new baby brother or sister. Let’s face it, toddlers don’t have an off switch or inside voice so I just let them be themselves, as long as they are safe. I love their excited face when they get to kiss their little brother or tickle the little toes of their little sister. The session may be about the newborn but I will always take some individual beautiful portraits of the eldest one.

Props? or no Props?

I used to have every prop you can think of, the flower bonnet, the bucket and the basket, but baby always seemed so lost in it. I prefer to keep things super simple, its all about the baby. So, nowadays you won’t find any props except beautiful white onesies, dresses and blankets. If simple and white is not for you I would be happy to give you the names of some incredible Newborn photographers who use props.

The crying baby

New mums are anxious enough, so having a crying baby who doesn’t want to sleep at their photoshoot might stress you out. It doesn’t stress me out, I promise. They cry, they poop and that’s ok.

Shrewsbury baby photographer

If you think I am the newborn photographer for you and you love my approach to newborn photography I would love for you to book with me.

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