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So your baby is now sitting up, what a milestone they have achieved! What better way to celebrate than with a 6 month sitter session. These sessions generally take place within 6-10 months when your baby is sitting up all by themselves, and not crawling. These sessions are best if your little one is not running away 🙂

Here is a little behind the scenes video and some more info on a sitter session.

How long will the session last?

Little ones don’t have a long attention span, I will have you in and out within the hour.

What is a sitter session?

They are perfect for your little one that has mastered the sitting up stage. I will capture all your baby’s new clever moves and smiley expressions. The “worm” is always my favourite.

6 month sitter session

Why book a sitting up photo session?

It is such an adorable stage and so short lived, before you know it they won’t be sitting still and running around the grocery store throwing bread bags on the floor (no? just my kids?)

6 month sitter session

What happens during a 6 month sitter session at Janine Speake Photography?

My sitter sessions last no more than 45-60 minutes. There are lots of beautiful wooden toys to play with. I even get mum and dad involved. The photos turn out amazing!

6 month sitter session

What should my little one wear to their sitter session?

I will dress your little one, I have lots of gorgeous outfits for you to choose from when you come to the studio. If you would like to bring your own outfit please keep it plain and simple, the photos are just about the baby.

So what’s a sitter session going to cost?

They cost £199 and you will receive 10 beautiful images for you to treasure forever. I promise you wont regret it.

If you would like to find out more about booking a session with me, please feel free to message me here

Here are some more gorgeous images from little Spencers sitter session.

6 month sitter session
6 month sitter session

Little white romper can be found at H&M

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