Newborns Session FAQ

Bring your baby obvs, and all the necessities you would need, enough bottles/formula/breast pads/nappies etc
Absolutely. I normally take the sibling photos first, then siblings can be taken home or to the park by one of the parents to avoid boredom and tantrums. I love animals, if you want your family pets to be included, this is no problem, just give me a heads up before our session. Please only bring toilet trained animals that are well behaved. Any breakages by your pet need to be paid for.
Please dress your baby in a white long sleeved bodysuit(with no legs), that way if they are sleeping we can get started without waking and changing them. Don't worry if you don't have one, I have plenty. Please avoid anything with a frilly neck. Neutral colours work best for adults: whites, creams & beige. A white maxi dress is a great choice. Please avoid grey and black. Jeans and a neutral top always works well. Please avoid stripes and patterns. Please do not all show up in jeans and matching white t shirts, this is not the 80's. I know you may feel like crap after having your baby, but do try and find something nice to wear. I also have plenty of beautiful outfits in the studio that are at your disposal. I tend to ask everyone to go bare foot (trust me, it makes for better photos) so don’t worry about wearing expensive shoes. If you are a fan of fake tan that is totally fine, but it will cost extra if I need to edit any fake tan disaster. Also, if you are the only one in your family with a tan it will look a bit strange. *Please note* I will ask Dad to take his shirt off for a skin-to-skin photo with baby. If that’s not your thing, do let me know beforehand.
No need. I’ve got an amazing camera. To be honest, parents snapping away with iPhones can be a little distracting. If you wouldn’t mind leaving them in your bag, I’d be super grateful.
Please expect to stay up to 3 hours. Your baby will need to fed, soothed, cuddled, changed, and sometimes need a break. I try to be done in 2 but it doesn't always go to plan.
Yes, feel free to bring snacks for yourself and any siblings. Try and keep it to simple foods that won't make a mess or stain.
Older Newborns are little ones over 3 weeks. Sometimes older newborns are better behaved than the teeny tiny ones :). It's not always possible to get an older newborn to sleep, but with some patience I can get some sleepy photos. If you would absolutely love sleepy photos please do all you can to keep your baby awake before our session, give them a bath, play, sing loudly and sit next to them in the car on the way over chatting. We will still get beautiful photos no matter what, but your expectations cannot be focused on sleepy photos.
Sorry, she’ll have to sit this one out. Only 2 adults thank you.
Of course. I offer lots of beautiful products and albums, but if that's not your thing then you can leave the complimentary prints behind.
You’re invited back to the studio in 1-2 weeks to view your beautiful photos.
That’s not how I roll. Your viewing appointment is supposed to be fun. You can buy as many or as few products from me as you like. No pressure. Please make sure you have read through all pricing options before your viewing.
32 Beatrice Street Oswestry SY11 1QG There are various parking options. The parking outside the studio is 45 minutes only, so feel free to drop off the majority of people/family/stuff and then go and find parking. If you need a map of the area with parking options let me know.
If you are looking for photos where everyone is looking at the camera, then I am not the photographer for you. My goal is to photograph the sweetest moments of your baby and you with your family, none of this 'everyone look at me'.