So you are stuck on what to wear for your studio photoshoot?

This guide will help you choose and outfit that will keep your images timeless? I don't allow shoes in the studio, so don't worry about you or your little one expensive shoes for your photoshoot.

The most important thing is to be comfortable. I cannot stress this enough. If you are uncomfortable not only will you spend the entire session adjusting and re-adjusting our outfit, but you're also going to feel uncomfortable inside and it's going to show.

Try and stay true to your style and personality. I have hundreds of outfits to choose from in the studio if you wish, but please let me know before your session to make sure I have the right size for you and your little people.

The key is to use the colour palette provided and find outfits that work well together, and not all wear the same thing.

Wear something that you are not going to look back and say, "What was I thinking?" I am not saying don't dress like Beyonce, but it probably won't be in style in 30 years. I love baby feet and legs, so don't go covering them up if you are having a studio shoot.

It's no secret I love white and neutral colours. They are timeless colours that won't overshadow you or your little one. If you show up in a Peppa pig onesie, I am afraid I won't let you in the front door :) Don't forget to iron your clothes, don't let a perfect family photo get ruined by a wrinkled shirt. Jeans and a nice white shirt/blouse, or a simple maxi dress works amazing.

I have put together some Pinterest Board ideas for what to wear. I understand your partner may not be David Gandy so please note these are just guidelines, and no matter what you wear your family photos will be amazing! If you have nothing to wear there are dresses and baby outfits for you to choose from in the studio, please let me know ahead of time if you want this as an option so I can have your size ready.


What to wear: Baby girl

What to wear: Baby boy

What to wear: Dad

What to wear: Mum

What to wear: Big girls

What to wear: Big Boys

What to wear: Maternity


If you are having an outdoor photoshoot please ask me for my outdoor 'what to wear' guide.