Outdoor Family Photos | FAQ

Outdoor family session

Around an hour. Any longer and babies (and dads) tend to get grumpy.
Neutral earthy colours work best: whites, creams, and beige, browns, sage green. Chinos or lighter colour trousers work well. Bonus points for a maxi dress :). Chunky cardigans and jumpers for the cooler months work well. Please avoid grey, black & full denim, it can be very dated and look cold in photographs. I understand the whole "you booked me, you should be able to wear what you want" and of course you can, however you booked me because you love my style, so lets work together to get the best outfit choices. I also have plenty of dresses for adults and girls/boys, please let me know if you would like me to bring some. Please don't dress all the kids the same, this is dated, coordinated colours work best. You are investing in this photoshoot, so please spend time on your outfits. Buy yourself something new if you can, this is definitely a special occasion. For more info on what to wear please go here https://www.janinespeake.com/how-should-i-dress-for-a-family-photoshoot/
I get asked this one a lot. It's a good question, but try not to worry. I have lots of fun games and ideas to keep them busy and interested. No matter how “spirited” your offspring is, I can get the best out of them. Promise.
I feel you. We all feel like that sometimes. I promise to make you look and feel fabulous in front of my camera. I only do natural, fuss-free photography that will take your breath away. You’ll look like you, but on a really, really good day.
Please note, I do not do "everybody look at me' photos. I photograph what is in front of me, gently guiding you to where I want you. Forcing everyone to look at me just becomes unnatural. If this is something you want please let me know beforehand.
My process is a little different from other photographers because I don’t just send you a link to digital files and abandon you! About two weeks after your session, we have a viewing appointment in my studio. I can help you select your favoirites and figure out what products make the most sense for you and your family. We’ll place the order and have everything delivered to you within 6 weeks.
Of course! Pets are totally family members! Unless you have a pet tarantula, then the answer is NO :). Let’s just make sure they’re groomed, well behaved, and on a leash. Bring plenty of treats and a few chew toys, to be safe.
Having your photoshoot at home and wondering if you need a tidy house? of course this is totally up to you, but know that everything lying around will be in the photos. I do charge extra to edit out unwanted items. Please also have white/light bedding on your bed, as we will need to use the main bedroom if the great British weather strikes.