Not long to go..... your Christmas session is on a countdown! 6th December!

Here are all the details you need for your Christmas session.




1. Please drive up and park in any available space, the session will be held in the Summer House around the back (see photo below)


2. Do NOT enter the Summer House until I come and get you. I will need to clean etc between families, so please be patient.


3. Please do not bring Uncle Jim, Aunty Karen and cousin Billy Bob, I will leave them out in the cold. Immediate family only please.


4. It goes without saying DO NOT attend if you are unwell or awaiting a Covid test. If you can't make it let me know and we can make another plan but please don't put anybody at risk, as I really do not want to be stuck at home with my kids for 2 weeks!


5. Your session will be 15-20 minutes long. If you are late, your session will be cut short, There are 25 families to get through and I can't overlap anywhere. Military operation here we come.


6. Please talk to your kids beforehand about what will happen as there won't be enough time to warm them up like I would do in a normal session. Let them know what my name is, and get them excited to have their photo taken.


7. Just have fun. It has been a crap year, so even if you are not feeling it lets pretend for 20 minutes that it's the best day ever!


I can't wait to see you and your little ones soon!




Here is a reminder of some clothing inspiration.